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"I actually look forward to training!" - Peter

Throughout my 10 years working as a Personal Trainer I have been lucky enough to work with a variety of clients including

- people who just want to lose weight and get fit


- amateur athletes who need to build speed and power 


- pregnant ladies wanting to keep their fitness levels to help with birth


- 85 year olds who want to keep as agile as possible


- teenagers wanting to increase their sport performance


- people who are severely overweight with diabetes.


Below are just a few select testimonials (from official Google Reviews) from some of my happy healthy clients. I hope you will find comfort in their success stories that I can help you achieve the results you deserve. 

"I've been training with Matt for nearly a year now. I love our sessions and train twice a week. Since started training I've lost 5 1/2 inches from stomach, 2 inches from my arms and 3 inches off my bum. He keeps the sessions interesting by changing them all the time and making sure I push myself. If you want results whilst having a giggle- I recommend Matt!"

Katy King, 54

Paul Clements, 36

“I have been training with Matt for just over 6 months now and during this time I have lost just over 1.5 stone in weight, 2 inches from my waist, 3 inches of my hips, and an inch off my thighs. We reviewed my current eating habits and Matt helped me make effective and gradual changes, as well as educating me that this is a life style change, not just a fad diet. I have had a gym membership for over 8 years and numerous personal trainers in the past but our sessions have been so effective because no 2 sessions are completely the same. Although I certainly feel that I have had a good workout at the end of the session, we always have a laugh and Matt makes it fun so the time flies by. My fitness levels and overall health have improved greatly and I would never have achieved this without the constant support and encouragement from a personal trainer.”

“By any standard, Matt has made me much fitter and more motivated. He delivers his expertise with positive reinforcement, rather than the kind of nagging on which lesser trainers rely. I actually look forward to training!” 

Peter Stoker, 78

Jeganthi Palachandran, 41

"I have been training with Matt for 5 months now and I am so pleased I took the plunge. Matt is friendly, reliable, knowledgeable and full of encouragement. No two sessions are the same (indoors, outdoors, various equipment, cardio, resistance), which helps to keep you interested and motivated. The sessions are challenging, but fun. We actually have a laugh, which helps to take my mind off the workout. As for the results, they speak for themselves. So far, I have lost 8 pounds, my BMI has decreased and the increase in my fitness levels are noticeable. I have never ever been able to do full press-ups, but somehow Matt has got me doing them! I would 100% recommend Matt if you are looking for a personal trainer and want to improve your fitness."

"I moved out of London four years ago and didn't think I would be able to find a personal trainer who compared to the one I had used in London for 7 years. How wrong I was! Matt is fantastic and a real professional. Each session is different which keeps it interesting and fun and I always feel brilliant afterwards. I even trained with Matt throughout my 3rd pregnancy which, without doubt, made the birth and return back to fitness after the birth so much easier. I was back training 6 weeks after the baby and never felt better. As well as being a great trainer, Matt is also a very willing baby snuggler meaning I could always complete my sessions which did wonders for my energy levels and sanity with a brand new baby. I would wholeheartedly recommend Matt, he is a star!"

Sophie Jones, 37

Jonny Restrick, 40

"I’ve been training with Matt for 18 months now and the improvements in my fitness have been fantastic. Each session is different and keeps me on my toes while keeping it all good fun. The programme for home workouts keeps the momentum between sessions. I have no hesitation recommending Matt."

“I decided 2 years ago that I felt unfit with my increasing age and wanted to do something about it. I knew a personal training session would concentrate on my fitness and ability, as I wasn’t able to run even up the road without becoming out of breath. From week to week my energy increased and I found that I not only became and looked fitter, but lost inches all over my body. The sessions are an hour of true grit but we have fun all the time. Matt is passionate about helping me achieve my goals and I can honestly say I look forward to our PT sessions and feel so much better and healthier now.”

Celia Goldsmith, 56

Gillian, 31 and Pete Blackburn, 32

"Matt is without a doubt by far the best PT I have worked with. He quickly 'got' both my husband and I and what we needed to do improve our fitness and overall health. What I like is that its a really balanced approach, he pushes you more and more but knows how far he can do this and has a really balanced approach to healthy eating/lifestyle. He keeps the sessions interesting and are never repetitive which makes them much more enjoyable. We cram so much in I get a far better workout with him than i could ever do on my own at the gym.

I trained with Matt throughout my first pregnancy and then post birth and his knowledge in this area was also v impressive. He even managed to work around a needy 4month old at my first few training sessions back! I wouldn't have made the progress without Matt and I have highly recommended him to friends and family!"

"I have experienced many PTs and the majority are purely focused on body image, which typically means a dedicated weights routine and quickly becomes exceptionally boring.

Following a local recommendation, I started training with Matt 18 months ago. He is not the typical PT. He believer in a holistic training regime, so whilst we still do weights, we also box, cycle, plyometrics, use the TRX etc. Each of our bi-weekly sessions are different, competitive and rewarding.
If and when I am asked if i can recommend my PT, I will suggest a diligent, thoughtful and professional in Matt."

Tom Walsh, 40

Sam, 29, Kate, 32, and Tara 37

“We all know each other from work and have been training for about 6 months. We just wanted to improve our fitness and strength levels which we’ve all achieved. We love training together, we laugh so much and the light competition is great for keeping us motivated.”

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