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"Training is great fun together. We achieved our fitness goals ages ago but are totally hooked" - Pete, 43, Lucy, 49

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What is Buddy Training? 

Buddy Training combines all of the benefits as 1-1 Training but adds extra fun through working out with a friend or family member. Buddy Training sessions can still be focused on individual fitness goals- whether this is losing weight, improving fitness or increasing muscle tone. Fitness abilities can vary wildly but you will still be pushed to your own ability- and maybe a bit further!  

Why invest in BuddyTraining? 

BuddyTraining is a great way to achieve the results you deserve. Like 1-1 Training sessions, the workouts will change from session to session and I'll motivate you to work harder than you would by yourself.  Allowing for all of your fitness abilities Buddy Training is perfect to getting fit and having fun. Throughout the sessions food diaries are monitored for everyone and healthier eating tips are given as much as needed.

What are the benefits of Buddy Training? 

- motivates you to train harder

- guarantees results

- tailored to everyones fitness goals

- reduces risk of injury

- constantly challenges everyone

- all the benefits of Personal Training

- focuses on all the key areas of health fitness

- there's not an excuse to go the gym

Why choose Focusing On You? 

I've been a REPs registered Personal Trainer for over 10 years and genuinely thrive from my clients success. Take a look at my testimonials and see how much my clients enjoy my sessions. Each of our Buddy Training sessions will be different which keeps everyone motivated and constantly challenges the body. 

Throughout our sessions we'll discuss food diaries as much as is needed for you to reach your goals. 

I love helping people to achieve their fitness goals, whether it's losing weight, toning up, reducing stress or increasing strength all whilst training in a fun environment. I will support, motivate and be with you every step of your exercising journey

Where will we train? 

At Focusing On You I train clients throughout Berkshire including Maidenhead, Windsor, Ascot and Reading. Areas such as Holyport, Taplow, White Waltham, Twyford, Gerrards Cross and Sonning are also covered. Working out from home makes it even more convenient for you to exercise. I use a wide variety of gym equipment including Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, Stability Balls, Bosu, TRX, ViPR's, Resistance Bands, Boxing and of course anything else in your local park. 


What will you do in your first session?

During our first BuddyTraining session we will complete some health forms which include medical questions and helps me understand your exercise history, eating habits and your fitness goals. 

We'll then do a Fitness Evaluation where we'll check your blood pressure, complete some various body measurements and then do a few flexibility and resistance exercises. The Fitness Evaluation will tell us what your fitness levels are, helps to create a programme focused on your abilities and is also used as a measurement of progress. 

Buddy Training Prices

1 session - From £40 per person per session

10 sessions - From £34 per person per session

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