"Fantastic! I would highly recommend him"

- Marina

Are you suffering from a sports injury? Enduring recurring back ache? Experiencing joint pain or just need to relieve tired muscles? 


Focusing On You offers Sports Massage Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage treatments throughout Berkshire covering Maidenhead, Windsor, Ascot, and Reading. Our professional Luxury Porta Lite Massage Table is perfect for any treatments and fits easily in your home.



Sports Massage.jpeg

Sports Massage is not just for athletes but used for any generic muscle injury caused by exercise. Poor technique, overuse and tightness in the muscles can lead to various pulled and torn muscle fibres. A Sports Massage:

- speeds up recovery

reduces pain

- boosts performance

helps excreted waste products such as lactic acid

- improves range of movement

- improves scar tissue



Deep Tissue.jpg

Deep Tissue Massage is a firm massage which relieves muscular and joint pain throughout the body. Tight and tired muscles can lead to a dreaded pulled muscle which leaves some people unable to move. A Deep Tissue Massage: 

reduces pain

improves movement

relieves muscles tension

improves circulation

smooths knots

Massage Therapy Prices

30 minutes - £40

60 minutes  - £60

5 x 60 minutes - £50 per session