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Pregnancy Yoga

"I trained with Matt throughout my 3rd pregnancy which, without doubt, made the birth and return back to fitness after the birth so much easier.

- Sophie


What is Pre/Post Natal Training? 

Pre/post natal Training is the safest way to exercise throughout your pregnancy. I have guided lots of mums-to-be since qualifying in pre/post natal exercise 7 years ago and love being a part of this exciting time!   

Why invest in Pre/Post Natal Training? 

During your 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters exercise workouts must be adapted appropriately at each stage to ensure you and your baby are safe, healthy and happy. Post-natal exercise must also be performed as safely as possible and will help you get yourself back to full fitness. Only a specially qualified Personal Trainer is able to train pregnant woman.


What are the benefits of Pre/Post Natal Training? 

to mum

- reduces negative pregnancy symptoms such as back ache

- can help with labour and delivery

- reduces constipation and bloating

- improves strength, endurance and muscle tone

- reduces weight gain

- reduces stress levels

- reduces risk of gestational diabetes

to baby

- increases oxygen levels to the baby

- improves function of placenta

- increases nervous system responses which can help lower heart rates, as well as better heart rate variability

- a happy healthy mum means a happier healthier baby

Why choose Focusing On You? 

I've been a qualified Pre/Post Natal Personal Trainer for over 7 years and have trained lots of mum-to-be's from the first week of the pregnancy test up to a week before birth. Performing exercises with good technique is always important but during pregnancy it's even more key to ensure you remain as pain free as possible. I will constantly gauge your energy levels, along with your heart rate, to ensure we are working at a level that suits you and your baby. 

I will support, motivate and be with you every stage of your pregnancy and beyond.

Where will we train? 

At Focusing On You Personal Training I train clients throughout Berkshire including Maidenhead, Windsor, Ascot and Reading and can come to your home or your local park. 


What will you do in your first session?

During our first Pre/Post Natal Training session we will spend lots of time discussing your stage of pregnancy, any complications you are experiencing and any worries you have. We we will also complete a Health Form and a Lifestyle Evaluation which include some medical questions and your history of exercise.

After this we will complete a simple Fitness Evaluation. Don't worry- it's nothing too scary! We'll check your blood pressure, weight, complete some various body measurements and then do a few flexibility and resistance exercises - these of course will be suited to your stage in pregnancy. The Fitness Evaluation will tell us what your fitness levels are and helps to create a programme focused on your abilities. 

Pre/Post Natal Training Prices

1 session - £60

5 sessions - £55 per session

10 sessions - £50 per session

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