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"He is very motivating and as a result I have noticed a vast improvement in my fitness levels." - Shona

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Focusing On You offers your whole family the chance to get fit and stay healthy. As parents we are constantly teaching our children, and they are constantly learning from what their parents do. What better life lesson is there than teaching our children the importance of living a healthy life. 


Our unique Family Fitness Classes are 

What is 1-1 Personal Training? 

Personal Training helps you achieve your fitness goals in the safest and fastest way possible. 1-1 Personal Training allows you to have a fully focused exercise session which is tailored to your own fitness ability. Personal Training should vary from session to session and motivate you to work harder than you would by yourself.   


Why invest in Personal Training? 

Personal Training is the most effective way to achieve the results you deserve. A good Personal Trainer will create a tailored fitness programme designed to your own specific fitness levels and your goals and will push you to a level that you're happy with. Nutrition is a major part in any fitness goal and a Personal Trainer should also look at your food diaries and help you eat a balanced diet suitable for your own calorie and macronutrient needs. 

What are the benefits of Personal Training? 

  • Help strengthen their bones and muscles

  • Increases children’s self-confidence and belief

  • Teaches them the importance of exercise

  • Helps keep their mental state of mind healthy

  • Your child will be less likely to become overweight

  • Exercise will reduce the risk of your child developing type 2 diabetes

  • Children will have better outlook on life

  • Making new friends

  • leadership skills

  • Positive behaviour

  • Trying out new sports and activities

  • Learning new skills

  • Positive attitude

- constantly challenges you

- avoids training plateaus

- focuses on all the key areas of health fitness

- there's no excuse not to go the gym

Why choose Focusing On You? 

I've been a REPs registered Personal Trainer for over 10 years and genuinely thrive from my clients success. I hate boring gym programmes which is why each of our Personal Training sessions will be different. This not only keeps it interesting but also means your body is constantly challenged, meaning faster improvements. 

I pride myself on teaching good technique.  Good technique is fundamental to a good fitness programme and means you'll be working the correct muscles whilst avoiding injuries. 

Throughout our sessions I can monitor your nutrition as long as you want and need me to, using food diaries, health apps and even spot checks!

I love helping people to achieve their fitness goals, whether it's losing weight, toning up, reducing stress or increasing strength all whilst training in a fun and light hearted environment. I will support, motivate and be with you every step of your exercising journey

Where will we train? 

At Focusing On You Personal Training I train clients throughout Berkshire including Maidenhead, Windsor, Ascot and Reading and can come to your home or your local park. Holyport, Twyford, Burnham, Sonning, Taplow, Winkfield and Cox Green are all areas which I cover. Working out from home makes it even more convenient for you to exercise! I use a wide variety of gym equipment including Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, Stability Balls, Bosu, TRX, ViPR's, Resistance Bands, Boxing and of course anything else in your home park. 


What will you do in your first session?

During our first Personal Training session we will fill out a PAR Q Health Form and a Lifestyle Evaluation which include medical questions and help me understand your exercise history, eating habits and fitness goals. 

After this we will complete a Fitness Evaluation. Don't worry- it's nothing too scary! We'll check your blood pressure, complete some various body measurements and then do a few flexibility and resistance exercises. The Fitneass Evaluation will tell us what your fitness levels are, helps to create a programme focused on your abilities and is also used as a measurement of progress. 

Personal Training Prices

1 session - £60

5 sessions - £55 per session

10 sessions - £50 per session

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