True or False: Some Diet Myths

Posted: Wednesday, 17 October 2012

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Part of our work at Focusing on You Personal Training is to ensure that you have the right knowledge to support yourself in a healthy lifestyle. No doubt in the past you have come across weight-loss or exercise plans which offer quick-fix or instant results for minimum effort; these are almost always expensive and a waste of time. The best results will require effort, but ultimately leave you feeling so much more fulfilled. Our personal trainers will help you work hard to achieve results that you are proud of.

True or False: Weight loss is the same as fat loss.
False! Eating less than normal without doing any exercise might make you lose weight, but it will mean that you also lose muscle, will become unfit and feel sluggish and low. To lose excess fat it is essential to combine healthy eating with regular exercise. For example, a naturally slim person needs exercise just as much as anyone else to stay healthy and keep cholesterol levels low. During exercise your body releases endorphins, which leave you feeling happier and invigorated.

True or False: Cooking eggs ruins the protein.
False! Some people who exercise regularly and focus on their protein intake are under the mistaken belief that cooking eggs destroys protein levels. This is not the case. A poached egg is just as high in protein, and is a great tasting, low-fat alternative to frying. Scrambled and boiled eggs contain only slightly lower levels, so no need to mix up any strange, and potentially harmful raw egg concoctions!

True or False: If I want to be healthy, I won’t be able to eat anything but cottage cheese and celery.
False! Healthy eating doesn’t mean cutting out everything you like, all that needs to change is the approach you have to your favourite foods. For example, a cooked breakfast can be still be on the menu. Grill bacon and tomatoes, poach eggs and serve with brown or whole meal bread for a healthy alternative. Instead of ordering a Chinese, cook one yourself using grilled chicken, plenty of fresh crispy vegetables, water chestnuts and bean sprouts tossed in a wok with nut oil. You’ll be quids in, and won’t have to deal with guilty food cartons in the morning!

Our Personal Trainers will be happy to review your diet and make suggestions about how and where it can be made healthier.

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