Three Excuses for not working out – and how to beat them

Posted: Thursday, 29 November 2012

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Whether you’re a gym junkie who’d put personal trainer to shame, or a reformed couch potato trying to kick start their own personal training regime, motivation is key to how successful your workout is. And one of the hardest personal training jobs is trying to keep a client motivated and focused on their fitness goals. Without the will to get fit and change your lifestyle, you won’t get very far.

Everyone has off days where they don’t feel like exercising – but often it’s a mental rather than a physical block than be easily overcome with a bit of willpower. So here’s how to think like a trainer, and banish the most common excuses for avoiding exercise in your head.

1. It’s raining outside.
Wanted to go for a run, but the weather putting you off? Don’t give up – just do something to get your heart pumping. Get in the gym for a quick blast on the treadmill, do an exercise video indoors, or pull on a waterproof running top for a refreshing (short) run in the rain. The endorphins you get from exercise will make up for the wet weather blues.

2. I’m tired.
Unless you are physically exhausted from training the day before, a short exercise session is proven to make you feel more alert and get the blood pumping around the body when you’ve been sat stagnant at a desk all day. Exercising in the morning, despite an early start, is also a great way to give your brain a boost before the working day.

3. I don’t have time.
The most common excuse for not exercising. Everyone has busy lives, but you have to MAKE time for exercise. Think of it as body maintenance like brushing your teeth. Whether it’s a short but effective session with a personal trainer on your lunch break to a spin class before work, look at the holes in your schedule and plan exercise in as a break from work.

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