Three easy kettlebell exercises to try now

Posted: Friday, 19 October 2012

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You’ve already read our personal trainers introduction to kettlebells, then this next blog has some more advanced kettlebell exercises to incorporate into your own personal training regime.
Kettlebells are handy to use in a session because they can give the whole body a low impact resistance workout and really work on the core. I hope these exercises will give you some ideas for incorporating kettlebells in your own regime.

1. High-Low Lift
This movement imitates lifting an object from the floor and placing it on a shelf. Standing a little wider than shoulder-width, place a kettlebell on the floor next to your right foot. Bend down and pick up the kettlebell by the handle, and twist to the left, lifting the kettlebell to chest height.

2. Squat
A classic exercise that really works the glutes. Holding the kettlebell at eye level, high enough so you can see through the gap in the handle, stand shoulder-width apart. Keeping your back straight, squat as low as you can.
3. Lunge
This movement is basically a lunge, whilst playing a mini game of pass the parcel with a kettlebell. Standing hip-width apart, grip the kettlebell with both hands in front of you, keeping the arms straight. Lunge backwards on the left leg, and as you do this, release your right hand, pass the kettlebell under your leg from your left to right hand, and return to start position.

Try these alone at home with a kettlebell or in and repeat each movement 12-15 times, and for more exercises a personal trainer will know hundreds!

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