Sweet Summer Treats: Some Healthier Alternatives

Posted: Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Categories: Diet, Health, Lifestyle

Do you know your crème fraiche from your crème brulee? Which is healthier, a cake or an ice cream? At Focusing on You Personal Training, we have some suggestions to make sure your summer is healthy, and delicious!

Berry Good
Fruit sorbets are a fantastic alternative to ice cream, especially when the sun is out. In comparison to cream and chocolate filled varieties, they can be low in fat, high in vitamin C and so much more refreshing. Try raspberry or lemon sorbet for a sharp pick-me-up, or melon sorbet for something mellower.

So Smooth?
Smoothies can be a fantastic way to give your body a boost of fresh fruit and essential vitamins; but before you pour yourself a big glass it’s worth remembering that they can also be extremely high in fruit sugars, which can be hard to burn off. To stay refreshed, try making a jug of elderflower cordial instead, filled with slices of lemon and mint sprigs. Refreshing, and since it’s mostly water, it will keep you hydrated.

Decisions, Decisions
If you’re out for a day in the sun or at the seaside with friends and family, there are bound to be times when you let yourself indulge. But there are some choices you can make to let you join in the fun without regretting it too much afterwards. If you’re tempted by a crepe, then go for a filling like cooked apple and cinnamon, or banana and nuts rather than chocolate and cream, still tasty, but lower in saturated fat. If you’re umming and aaahing over which dessert to choose, opt for a fruit tart, over a fruit cheesecake. Even little things like leaving the butter out of your cream tea can make a difference, not just to your food intake, but also to your healthy-eating attitude.

Whatever you do this summer, our Personal Trainers will not only work with you achieve the results you want, but will also help you sustain a healthy-living attitude all year round.

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