Strange but True: 5 Surprising Ways to Burn Calories

Posted: Monday, 29 October 2012

Categories: Exercise, Personal Training, Weight Loss

We all know that swimming, running and workouts with your personal trainer burn calories, but there are also hundreds of other activities we encounter in our daily lives, which with a little effort, can be turned into extra calories busters throughout the day.

1. Food Preparation
Tempted to stick an instant meal in the microwave after a hard day’s work? Although most people know that freshly prepared meals are best for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, many don’t suspect that food preparation also burns calories. For example, 30 minutes cooking can burn up to 100 calories. (Depending on existing body weight) So next time you find yourself tempted to skip out on preparing fresh food, just think of the calories burned during an hour and a half’s cooking; on average, around 280!

2. Washing the Car
For many, this is a boring task to be completed out of necessity. However, washing your car for between 45 minutes and an hour can burn between 180 and 230 calories, depending on your body weight and the amount of effort to put in. What’s more, washing the car on a sunny day gets you active in the sunshine; the best way for your body to capture and store Vitamin D. So rather than cheating with the car wash at the garage, grab a bucket and get soaping!

3. Having a clear out
Been putting off clearing out the attic, basement or garage? If you find you have a few hours spare, then rather than sitting down in front of the television, getting down to it and having a decent, vigorous spring clean could leave your house tidier and burn you as much as 700 calories in 2 hours.

4. Playing Frisbee
On a sunny day, an hour’s game of Frisbee in the garden or in the park can burn up to 230 calories, approximately, and also gain you that all important dose of Vitamin D. It’s a great family activity – even dogs love it – so a good way to get everyone outside for an hour of fun and exercise.

5. Enjoy a Hobby
If you have a hobby that you’ve let fall by the wayside, then picking it up again will have a positive impact on your lifestyle, and is an excellent way to include a fun, beneficial activity alongside personal training sessions. Hobbies such as juggling is good for hand-eye coordination – helpful for sports players – and will burn around 110 calories in 20 minutes. 30 minutes of guitar or piano playing will help you relax, and will burn between 95-110 calories.

These activities are not intended to replace your regular weekly exercise sessions; however, any form of positive activity, rather than sedentary, will have a substantial impact on those who are trying to attain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

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