The Secret Of Cereal Calories

Posted: Friday, 20 June 2014

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Have you ever actually weighed the amount of breakfast you have each morning? If you haven’t you might well be in for a surprise…

The recommended portion of cereals varies but it’s usually around 40grams. However, what is a recommended portion and what we actual pour into our bowls is very different- usually twice this!

We typically just fill the bowl to half way but this can lead to hidden calories- all whilst your thinking you’ve done well for picking a fairly low sugar, low calorie breakfast- (hopefully you are anyway).

If your trying to lose weight and wondering why your finding it difficult try weighing your breakfast bowl and you might find your eating an extra 300 calories a day. A double size breakfast each morning can lead up to 2000 calories per week.

So, when choosing breakfasts look out for what the portion size actually is- and of course try to avoid cereals which contain a lot of added sugar and cereal bars, including the new ‘healthy’ breakfast biscuits!



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