Friends & Couples

At Focusing On You Personal Training I offer Buddy Training sessions where our trainers work with 2-4 people in one session. It’s just as good as 1-1 session and in fact can be more motivating. Read some comments from some of my couples and work colleagues below.

Melinda and Rod, 52 and 59

Melinda and Rod

Melinda and Rod, 52 and 59

“We trained together years ago but got a bit bored of our trainer who used to give us the same exercises week to week and so we decided to have a break from training. Unfortunately we didn’t keep up our own exercise and so quickly began to put on weight and our fitness levels dropped. We then decided to give personal training another go and found Matt our trainer from Focusing On You. Well, what a difference the sessions were compared to our previous trainer. The sessions constantly change keeping workouts interesting and challenging and we’ve surpassed our previous fitness levels.”

Pete and Lucy Taylor, 29 and 30

Pete and Lucy

Pete and Lucy, 29 and 30

“We both wanted to lose some weight and tone up in the usual places. I was 6lbs overweight and Lucy was 13lbs overweight. Training is great fun together and we achieved our fitness goals ages ago but are totally hooked on personal training. Our diet has improved throughout the week and we still have a takeaway on a Saturday, but don’t tell Matt!”

Sam, Kate & Tara, 24, 27 & 23

Sam, Kate and Tara

Sam, Kate and Tara, 24, 27 and 23

“We all know each other from work and have been training for about 6 months. We just wanted to improve our fitness and strength levels which we’ve all achieved. We love training together, we laugh so much and the light competition is great for keeping us motivated.”