Posted: Saturday, 31 August 2013

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Well, we’re here!!!!!!

Not much else to say lol. Definitely read my blog fom earlier today below as you’ll see what we’ve been through today.

The wind didn’t let off. When we ‘popped’ to Dunnet’s Head, which is the most Northern point of Britain mainland, we were actually pushed up one of the hills by the wind without even pedalling!!

Anyway, we’re here! Knackered and releaved. An amazing journey, which at the moment is a bit of a blur but I’m sure it wil become clearer. Will try and put up some pics from my mobile but may have to get someone else to do it.

WOHOOOOO- no more cycling tomorrow!! Oh no, wait, we have to cycle 30 miles to the airport.

Last blog post from me about our journey so thanks for reading an following us. Your support has Ben very helpful on days like today. If your tempted to do something like this then of course I can give some advice…get a motorbike!!


One comment on “JOHN O’GROATS!!!!

  1. Celia

    Saturday 31st August 2013 at 11:43 pm

    Bloody well done you 2
    Very proud of your achievement xxx

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