How to Avoid an Injury during Exercise: Running

Posted: Saturday, 1 December 2012

Categories: Fitness, Personal Trainers, Weight Loss

Running is one of the most fundamental forms of exercise, and one that most of us will take up at some point in our lives. Whether you are running to supplement personal training sessions, maintain fitness levels or in preparation for a marathon, there are several important steps you can take in order to avoid, or deal with, injuries.

As almost every athlete and sports professional will agree, the first thing you will need is a good pair of running shoes. Don’t be tempted to wear any old pair of trainers; this will be an investment that will save you time and effort in the long run. (Excuse the pun!) Go to see a specialist who will able to tell you more about your running style, and which type of shoes you will need in order to train safely. The vast majority of injuries are caused by a lack of foot support, so the right shoes will make a world of difference.

Once you have begun running, make sure you build up slowly. This is exactly what personal trainers are there to help you do; achieve a sustainable level of exercise that will achieve results over time. Don’t look for miracle changes overnight, or you’ll end up injured or burnt out. You will need willpower and determination to succeed, but when you do, all the hard work will seem worth it.

If you do feel any pain or twinges during running, mention them to your personal trainer. It’s far better to check and counter any problems early on than to cause greater damage by ignoring a problem and making it worse over time. Whether the pain is caused by overpronation, shin splints or impact, your trainer will be able to give you advice, including core-strengthening exercises to target any weak areas.

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