Healthy Salads

Posted: Friday, 9 November 2012

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If you’re looking for a healthy diet to supplement your exercise or personal training regime, then these salads are for you. They don’t mean lettuce, lettuce and more lettuce, but colourful, high-protein meals that make ideal lunches and will leave you energised and ready to go!

1. Lean Chicken Caesar
Don’t be fooled by the Caesar salads you find in restaurants; they are often packed with hidden fats in mayonnaise and have a high salt content. Make these changes for a delicious and healthier alternative: try trimming the chicken of fat and grilling it, then make a lighter dressing by replacing 60% of the mayonnaise with a few spoonful’s of plain, fat free yoghurt. Parmesan adds to salt content, so by making this at home, you can keep your eye on sodium levels too.

2. Colourful Food Boost
For a real burst of vitamins, try adding beetroot to your salads. It might look scary and conjure images of pickled stuff in jars, but with the right recipe, it tastes great. Beetroot is full of hidden benefits; it’s shown to be high in nitrates, which help keep blood pressure down. Try it roasted in chunks with olive oil and herbs, then tossed into a salad, or sliced very thinly and dressed with olive oil, black pepper and lemon, or even simply grated along with raw carrots.

3. Don’t skip the protein
Salads full of leafy greens and fresh vegetables don’t mean you have to miss out on essential proteins. If you eat fish, then tuna is a great addition to salads; it’s low in fat, high in minerals such as iron and potassium and a good source of omega-3 fatty acids (although not as much as when it is fresh), to keep your heart healthy. If you’re buying the tinned variety, be sure to buy an ethical, pole and line caught brand. If you’re vegetarian, try toasting a handful of nuts by tossing them in a dry pan, crumbling a hard-boiled egg into salad leaves, or adding a sprinkling of lower-fat cheese, such as feta.

At Focusing On You Personal Training we always endeavor to be food-aware. Your personal trainer will not only help you with your exercise regime, but will also advise on lifestyle changes, so you can eat healthily in a way that is right for you.

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