Healthy Eating in Restaurants

Posted: Sunday, 11 November 2012

Categories: Diet, Health, Lifestyle

Going out for dinner and having the odd splurge on delicious food is great fun, especially for special occasions. However, if you’re worried that a meal out will have an adverse effect on your personal training regime, never fear! We have some tips that will enable you to enjoy yourself without the worry.

1. Don’t starve yourself beforehand: it might seem a good idea to leave yourself feeling hungry in anticipation of a big meal, but this can actually mean you enjoy the food you are eating less. Before you leave, have a big glass of water and eat a piece of fruit, like an apple. If you’re not ravenous, you’ll be able to make clearer food choices, rather than going for the carb or fat rich dishes that appeal when we are hungry.

2. Leave room! If you’ve followed the above advice, you will be less tempted by baskets of bread and butter before the main meal. The same goes for a starter; lighter options might include soup or salads, or you can keep costs down by sharing a mezze plate with someone. Less to plough through on your own, but still delicious and satisfying.

3. Desserts are the absolute in guilty pleasure, but as your personal trainer will agree, no one should feel bad about an occasional indulgence. Maintaining a healthy weight is all about balance; if you’ve overdone it lately in terms of sugary treats, but don’t want to miss out, try sharing a pudding with someone else. Lighter desserts are also a great way to tackle the craving for sweet flavours after a meal. Sorbets are lower in fat than ice cream and very refreshing, whilst Italian inspired dishes like an affogato, (a shot of espresso coffee poured over a scoop of ice cream) can be a grown-up alternative to a triple toffee chocolate sundae!

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