Healthy Eating at Work: New ways with Sandwiches

Posted: Sunday, 21 October 2012

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It’s easy to get stuck into a rut when it comes to lunchtimes at work; buying or eating the same sandwich and snack every day. Here at Focusing on You Personal Training, we have a few ideas to spruce up your lunchtimes, so that they are healthy, wholesome and help you maintain your ideal weight.

1. All change: A small alteration to your usual shopping can make all the difference. Leave behind the sliced white loaf and try wholemeal pitas instead. Wholegrain wraps make super easy packed lunches, and can be filled with a huge variety of different ingredients to keep you interested all week.

2. Cut the saturated fats: Sometimes a dollop of mayo is great in sandwiches, but on an everyday basis it can have a big impact on an otherwise healthy diet. Fillings like hummus cut out the need for mayonnaise, as do lower-fat yoghurt-based dips such as tzatziki. A spread of wholegrain or English mustard can also be a tasty alternative in ham sandwiches.

3. Mix it up: Who says you have to eat sandwiches every day? Try making your own salad or lunch pack. This can be especially welcome on a hot day in summer, or if you are trying to watch your carbohydrate intake. It’s been shown that eating a carbohydrate heavy meal can make you sleepy – not good for those post-lunch lulls! A protein-rich meal on the other hand will keep you on the ball, since protein contains tyrosine, an amino acid that keeps your brain alert. If you’re not quite ready to relinquish your bread fix just yet, try making an open sandwich. Top one slice with your favourite filling, such as hummus, lean chicken or turkey or tuna, then pile with fresh salad leaves, cucumber, olives or even crumbled hard-boiled egg for a filling and healthy mid-day meal.

Our personal trainers will always be able to give you further suggestions about how to eat more healthily.

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