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Posted: Saturday, 27 October 2012

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How much do you really know about the content of your food? What contains more fat, pasta or a pint? Which would take longer to burn off, a sticky toffee pudding or a steak? Take our food content quiz to test your knowledge and score top marks with your personal trainer!

1. Which has the higher fat content, chocolate cheesecake or chocolate mousse?

2. How many calories would you take in if you drank 3 pints of lager and a packet of crisps?

3. Which has the higher sugar content, a bowl of frosted breakfast cereal or a serving of peanut butter?

4. Pick the low sodium option out of these three snacks: handful of salted peanuts, handful of crisps, handful of olives.

5. If ordering a Chinese takeaway, what would be the healthier side dish, steamed dumplings or prawn wonton?

6. Which soup contains more fat and calories, cream of tomato, or tomato and basil?


1. Cheesecake. It comes in at around 500-600 calories per slice, and 12-15g of saturated fat. Chocolate mousse however can be surprisingly low in fat, especially when prepared at home with dark chocolate of at least 70%, egg whites and yoghurt instead of cream. You can find a suggested recipe here, which contains under 200 calories, or 5g saturated fat.

2. The average 3 pints of lager and a packet of crisps equates to around 880 – 900 calories. The equivalent in exercise would mean running at a moderate to fast pace for 1 hour and 20 minutes, or swimming vigorous front crawl for 1 hour.

3. Frosted cereal. Breakfast cereals often have added sugar that at first is not obvious. E.g. up to 17g of sugar in a 30g serving. Good, whole-grain options include any form of shredded wheat, muesli or oat-based cereals like oatmeal or porridge.

4. There’s no real winner here; all the options are high in terms of salt content, Olives have around 0.7g of sodium per 23g. Peanuts contain 0.5g sodium whilst crisps have 0.5-0.8g per 25g. Be aware of salty snacks when drinking; they will make you dehydrated and encourage you to drink more, so remember to include a glass of water.

5. Dishes such as wonton are delicious, but are also deep-friend. Dumplings, when steamed, contain fewer calories.

6. Tomato soup, especially tomato and basil, is an ideal choice if you’re trying to maintain or achieve a healthy body weight. Fresh, savoury and tasty, it makes a perfect lunch or light supper. Cream of mushroom usually contains a greater proportion of contains whole milk or cream, and so more calories, but is still a healthy option.

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