Five Items to Improve Your Workout

Posted: Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Categories: Exercise, Fitness, Personal Training

Getting fit and leading a healthy lifestyle is all about attitude. A good personal trainer in windsor, willpower and commitment will always lead greater success than by relying on the latest fad in exercise equipment. There is no need to spend huge sums on a home gym when these small items will return upon your original investment and vastly improve the quality and enjoyment of workouts.

• It might seem obvious, but many people exercise without the best clothes for the job. Wearing an old, baggy t-shirt and holey leggings to the gym or a class might make you feel self-conscious and unable to assess how your body is working. Sports and exercise wear will boost your confidence and enable you to train better. If you’re a woman, don’t forget that a sports bra is essential.

• Shoes. No doubt you’ve heard it before, but the first thing many personal trainers recommend investing in is a good quality pair of trainers. Many minor injuries come from ill-fitting or unsuitable shoes. Try not to be swayed by price alone; many shops have dedicated staff who will be able to help you choose the right ones for your feet. Think especially about what you will be using the shoes for, e.g. running, mixed-use, cross country, cycling, and whether you have a tendency to pronate. (When the foot rolls in or out when walking).

• Entertainment. A pumping soundtrack that spurs you on makes the world of difference to a workout! Invest in a small, light mp3 device that can be worn in an unobtrusive place, for example, strapped to your arm, wrist or clipped securely to a waistband. Good headphones will make sure you’re not stopping or getting distracted every twenty seconds to adjust them.

• Personal training. The final step in getting prepared and ready to live a more active lifestyle can often be achieved with the help of a dedicated professional, who will help you exercise in a sustainable and fulfilling fashion.

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