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Five Items to Improve Your Workout

Posted: Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Categories: Exercise, Fitness, Personal Training

Getting fit and leading a healthy lifestyle is all about attitude. A good personal trainer in windsor, willpower and commitment will always lead greater success than by relying on the latest fad in exercise equipment. There is no need to spend huge sums on a home gym when these small items will return upon your original investment and vastly improve the quality and enjoyment of workouts.

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Entertain yourself Fit: Ideas to Help your Focus

Posted: Friday, 7 December 2012

Categories: Exercise, Fitness, Personal Trainers

If you’re struggling to keep yourself entertained during exercise sessions when not working with a personal trainer, then we have some suggestions that will ensure you enjoy and even look forward to the hours you spend being active! There is no perfect, average approach what will fit everyone, so experimenting with different ideas until you find one that works for you will ensure that exercise remains part of your lifestyle, rather than a passing phase.

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Three Excuses for not working out – and how to beat them

Posted: Thursday, 29 November 2012

Categories: Exercise, Fitness, Personal Trainers

Whether you’re a gym junkie who’d put personal trainer to shame, or a reformed couch potato trying to kick start their own personal training regime, motivation is key to how successful your workout is. And one of the hardest personal training jobs is trying to keep a client motivated and focused on their fitness goals. Without the will to get fit and change your lifestyle, you won’t get very far.

Everyone has off days where they don’t feel like exercising – but often it’s a mental rather than a physical block than be easily overcome with a bit of willpower. So here’s how to think like a trainer, and banish the most common excuses for avoiding exercise in your head.

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hat to do with Kettlebells

Posted: Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Categories: Fitness, Personal Trainers, Personal Training, Weight Loss

Kettlebells are a great tool to be used in a personal training sessions. Shaped like a cannonball, these little black free weights have a handle on top, are made from iron or moulded rubber and vary in weight and size.

Why use them

Kettlebells can be used as part of a training session to improve core strength, lean body mass and the mobility of the hips. They are harder to grip than other weights, meaning you have to use your whole body to control the weight, and they can be used for exercises all lover the body. What’s more, they are handy for personal trainers with clients who are afraid of traditional weights – they look far less intimidating than dumbbells and weight machines, and can be used in a variety of exercises.

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Calorie Busting Exercises to do at Home

Posted: Saturday, 24 November 2012

Categories: Exercise, Fitness, Personal Trainers, Weight Loss

Life sometimes gets in the way of the best intentions; if a surprise birthday party, broken down car or late night at the office means that you miss out on one of your exercise or personal training sessions per week, here are some calorie-busting exercises that you can do from the comfort of your living room, in under 30 minutes.

1. Do a Warm Up
Set an interval timer on your phone (there are many apps you can download that have this function) for 30 seconds and alternate warm up exercises, such as jogging on the spot, star jumps, side gallops or punching exercises. If in doubt, just copy some of the warm ups you do in a class with your personal trainer. Repeat at least five different exercises in 30-second bursts for 10 minutes.
Calories Burned: 60 to 90, depending on body weight and effort.

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3 Easy Back Stretches

Posted: Monday, 12 November 2012

Categories: Fitness, Lifestyle, Personal Training

Want to add some injury-preventing stretches in to you personal training regime? These stretches target key muscle groups in your back –try on each side after a training session for a relaxing warm-down that will improve flexibility.

1. The arch: This stretch is great for your lower back. Lie on your back with your knees bent, and arms laid flat on either side. Slowly, using your lower stomach muscles and without using your arms to push or moving your hips, lift your back until you are leaning on the tops of your shoulders. Imagine you are peeling your spine off the floor, and try to imagine every part of the back lifting up individually – before ‘peeling’ back on to the floor. Repeat four times.

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What to eat before a run

Posted: Sunday, 11 November 2012

Categories: Fitness, Nutrition, Personal Training

Speak to any personal trainer, and they’ll agree it’s tricky to do a good training session and really work out when you’re low on fuel. But what to eat before vigorous aerobic exercise, like running? Eat too little, and you could feel lethargic, eat too much, and you’ll get cramps, or even worse, feel sick.

The key is balance – to feel neither stuffed, nor starving, and to listen to your body – as everyone reacts to foods differently. Some can survive on a small piece of fruit and take off for a 10 mile jog, others need a more carb-heavy snack. But these snacking guidelines should help you stay on track with your personal training regime:

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Fitness: Two important items to invest in

Posted: Friday, 9 November 2012

Categories: Exercise, Fitness, Lifestyle, Personal Trainers

Ok, so you might have a cross-trainer sitting in the bedroom that has become a clothes rack, or a mini-trampoline behind the sofa that never sees the light of day, but if you are committed to getting the most from sessions with your personal trainer, then there are some fitness items which really are worth investing in. Having good quality items can improve your performance when you exercise, make it more enjoyable and prevent injury.

1. Shoes: it might seem obvious, but are your trainers the right ones for you? It’s worth having a proper fitting or consultation – which are often free – where a specialist can take into account a number of factors. These can include the types of exercise you do, your foot shape and also whether you have a tendency towards supination or overpronation (The foot rolling in or out). This puts extra strain on your ankles, and can especially be found in people with previous ankle injuries. You check for supination yourself by looking to see whether there is any excessive wear on the outside edge of your trainers.

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