Exercise Calm: Yoga & Pilates

Posted: Sunday, 4 November 2012

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Sweat-busting, music-pumping, vigorous workouts and classes are fantastic for burning calories, giving your body a huge endorphin boost as well as the hours of activity it needs every week. However, if you’re feeling like you need to slow things down a little in between personal training sessions, we have some suggestions that will relax the pace.

Yoga. This would seem the most obvious suggestion. Many people try yoga without really getting into it, but it’s interesting to note that there are over 20 individual forms, all with different focuses, for levels from beginner to advanced.

To start, try a Hatha or Iyengar Yoga class, which are calm and meditative, yet include postures and stretches that will help tone and firm muscles. These classes can be especially helpful to those who are recovering from injuries.
If you’re more experienced and after a challenge, Bikram yoga (sometimes called hot yoga) might be for you. It is practised in heated rooms to aid muscle-flexibility, and requires more stamina. Ashtanga meanwhile is advanced yoga and one of the more challenging forms.

An hour’s hatha yoga would burn around 200 calories, depending on body weight.

Pilates could be the perfect class if you are seeking to improve core strength, muscle technique, body awareness and endurance. In Pilates, movements are carefully controlled and require maximum effort, both physically and mentally. Focus is needed in order to perform each set of exercises correctly. The level and teaching of classes can vary widely; your personal trainer should be able to recommend a good one near you.

An hour long Pilates class would burn approximately 250 calories.

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