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Posted: Thursday, 11 October 2012

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If you’re trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle, but are a busy person with limited time on your hands, there are many things you do which will all help towards achieving your ideal body weight and fitness level.

1. Personal Training
If your exercise time is limited, then a personal trainer will be able to ensure that you are using your time as efficiently as possible. He or she will make sure that you are achieving the maximum level of exercise and help you work out a programme and healthy diet that will complement your lifestyle.

2. Be spontaneous
Exercise doesn’t have to planned and structured all the time! If you find you have ten minutes spare, whether during household chores or while getting ready to head out, put on a few of your favourite, up-tempo songs and dance away! Depending on your existing weight you could burn up to 60 calories, have fun and feel good.

3. Fill your time
Instead of reaching for a snack during the advert break of a favourite TV show, try to fit in a few exercises. Often advert breaks are at least three minutes long, enabling you to do at least ten minutes over the course of a programme. Small changes like fitting in 50 sit-ups, press-ups or squats will all help towards achieving your ideal body shape.

4. Power walk
If you find you have to walk somewhere during the day, make it into a mini-challenge and see how fast you can get there. Increase your walking pace on a trip to the shops and back to give your heart-rate a boost; try catching the bus from a further stop than normal, or getting off a stop or two early. Walk the dog on a different route to try out a new park or area. If you end up out of breath, you will have got a little extra exercise in.

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