Eat your way to better abs with a personal trainer

Posted: Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Categories: Diet, Exercise, Personal Training

Six packs start in the kitchen, and having a personal trainer  is one of the best ways to support your healthy eating plan. Visible abs are 70% nutrition and 30% exercise so your diet needs to be on track to support your training. Kick start your metabolism each morning by drinking a glass of water straight from the fridge. Drinking it below 5⁰C means your body begins to burn energy warming the water before it’s absorbed.


And don’t panic! You won’t need to ditch your favourite snack, Pinot or frozen favourite. If anything, this means eating more of the good foods that are key to a toned stomach will help your calorie intake boost your workout instead of adding unwanted fat. And don’t feel like 100 crunches a day is the only way forwards. The best personal training plans combine the perfect amount of core exercises, cardio and total body workouts to sculpt the body you’re aiming for. Be it running, swimming, Zumba or spinning, we’ll find something you enjoy to keep your training sessions fun and on target to reaching your goals.


All our personal trainers at Focusing on You are dedicated to providing individual nutrition advice to ensure you’re fueling your body to make the most of your training. If you want to see how our trainers in your area can help you find that washboard stomach, use our personal trainer search facility to book in for a taster session today.

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