An absolute HORRENDOUS day so far…

Posted: Saturday, 31 August 2013

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Well we’ve had a horrendous day so far!!

We’ve had the worst weather of our whole trip. It started nice and sunny but then turned into an absolute nightmare. We had for 50 miles, some all at the same time and some separately;

-Gail force winds which kept blowing us to the other side of the road
- torrential rain with only a few seconds warning
- bitterly cold winds
- hail storms
- severe crosswinds throwing us back and forth
- and yet more gail force winds.

Unbelievable! We had to laugh in the end as it was so bad.

Nonetheless we carried on pushing, only going 5mph at some instances as the wind was that bad.

Oh and I forgot to mention the relentless 800 foot climbs, then the death drop with winds and then straight back up to 800 foot climbs again.

Come on John O’Groats! We’re nearly there- having a quick rest in Thurso at the moment.

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