Alternative Workouts

Posted: Monday, 15 October 2012

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Bored with your gym routine and in need of a shake up? It’s time to try something new. Ask your personal trainer at the gym about new classes they’ve got coming up, or try one of these new fitness trends for a tough but fun way to work up a sweat.

• Kettlebells: You might have seen Kettlebells – small, black ball-shaped weights with a ‘horn’ or long handle across the top. Much more fun to use than traditional weights, the classic kettlebell workout involves bending forward swinging the kettlebell between your legs whilst keeping your back and arms straight. But more and more kettlebells classes have been popping up in gyms, with personal trainers specialising in kettlebells teaching a session that involves lunges, dips and other activities using the humble bells. Try for a great resistance workout that will really work your core, legs and arms.

• Zumba Toning: Love Zumba, the latin dance-based workout? Then try Zumba toning, where the classic Zumba class gets a new twists with the introduction of weighted toning sticks and moves that target your bums, tums and thighs.

• willPower & grace®: This barefoot class is a blend of intense cardio-sculpting exercises, Pilates and yoga-esque meditation, stretching and core strength, which aims to correct imbalance in your ankles, knees and hips.

• Hulaerobics: Did you play with a hula hoop as a kid? It’s actually a great tool for toning your waist – and a whole heap of gyms are offering hulerobics classes as a result. Classes are around 30-60 minutes and involve a cardio session with limboing, spinning the hoop and jumping, and a toning section to work that waist.

• SoulCycle: This is one US fitness trend we hope comes over here. An upgrade on the classic spin class, involving toning exercises, cardio and ‘positive affirmations’ to encourage your pedalling, SoulCycle is a huge hit in LA and New York and is supposed to burn 700 calories in an hour.

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