Alternative Forms of Exercise

Posted: Monday, 22 October 2012

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If you’re looking to increase your weekly exercise between Personal Training sessions, there are plenty of imaginative alternatives to get you out in the fresh air, increasing your cardio workout without even realising it.

Cycling the short distances that you normally drive can be a great way to get a quick burst of cardio in during the day. Rather than driving to the gym or the pool, try cycling there, if possible. You’ll feel better for being out in the fresh air, and save on petrol too. If you have kids and live close enough, the school run can become a form of exercise for the whole family, and save on the stress of parking and traffic jams. You don’t have to have a pro-racing bike in order to enjoy riding. If you don’t have a bike already, it’s worth enquiring whether your work participates in the Government’s Green Transport Initiative, which offers tax-free bikes as part of the Cycle to Work scheme.

Another fun alternative is to take up a form of exercise that allows you to be creative. Poi is a form of performance art that originated in the Maori culture of New Zealand, which involves spinning and swinging tethered weights – often decorated with flags, ribbons or streamers – in a variety of patterns. The patterns and exercises range from simple to complex, and look amazing, even if you are a beginner. It’s an inexpensive way to get fit outdoors and you don’t need to venture further than your back garden!

A weekend away from the gym or your Personal Trainer doesn’t have to mean one without exercise. A trip to the coast can give you the opportunity to try the ultimate in sea-based activities, surfing. No matter what level you are, there are many surf schools, especially in North Devon and Cornwall, which offer a full range of services, from lessons to wetsuit and board hire. If you’re not so confident about your ability to stand up and catch a wave, you could always try a surf-ski or wave ski – a long, narrow kayak with a paddle for skimming through waves.

Our Personal Trainers will always be happy to review and support your exercise plan, whatever your interests or goals.

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