Activity for All

Posted: Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Categories: Exercise, Fitness, Health, Personal Trainers

Getting fit and aiming for a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean going it alone. Staying motivated is hard when there is no one to encourage you. This is one of the reasons why personal training is so successful. A personal trainer will encourage and support you towards every step of your goal, and this is something that you can share in turn.

Government studies have shown that many children and adults are not getting enough exercise on a regular basis. Family visits, holidays and weekends don’t have to be a reason to miss out on getting active. There are many ways to turn a workout into a fun day out for friends, kids or relatives that will have everyone feeling better and more inspired to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

A weekend hanging out with friends can become action-packed with a surfing trip. There are many places on the coast that offer board and wet-suit hire and even lessons for beginners. Being out in the sea is an exhilarating feeling, especially once you’ve caught your first wave! Pack some camping gear for a night away to make the most of your experience. Three hours surfing can burn between 570 and 680 calories, depending on your body weight.

Family bike rides are a wonderful way to spend a Sunday, and encourage everyone to be active. Make a day of it with a stop for lunch or a picnic. If it’s a blustery day, kite flying is a fantastic activity to kids and adults alike, any open space will do. Even if it’s nothing more than taking the dog for a long walk, by inviting children or family members to come with you, will not only guarantee that they are getting the exercise they need, but will feel supported in your own endeavours.

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