5 Foods to Boost your Immune System this coming Winter

Posted: Tuesday, 8 October 2013

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Winter is approaching slowly and unfortunately brings with it an increased chance of getting that rotten cold or flu. There are so many different types of cold and flu virus the body can never be completely immune to them. However, by making sure your immune system is working at full strength you can ensure that your body is in the best place to fight them. Here are 5 foods that can keep your immune system strong over Christmas…

1) ORANGES:- Oranges seem to be a lot more abundant over the Christmas period. They are also a rich source of vitamin C which helps by promoting the production of white blood cells that fight infection.

2 )TURKEY:- Turkey is probably the most festive food you can find. It is rich in vitamin B1, B6 and zinc. B vitamins have been linked with enhancing the immune system whilst zinc helps the body produce infection fighting white blood cells.

3) NUTS:- Nuts are rich in vitamin B6, vitamin B9, vitamin E and selenium. Research suggests that both vitamin B6 and B9 support a healthy immune system. Vitamin E and selenium work together to enhance the production of immune system B-cells that produce antibodies.

4) Vegetables:- Alongside your turkey will probably be some nice fresh vegetables, which are perfect for helping to beat that pesky cold or flu. A few great vegetables are Spinach- an important role in immune function because of its naturally high antioxidants. Broccoli- an excellent source of Vitamin C with one stalk containing 220% of the daily value. Carrots- delivering 110% of the daily value for Vitamin A-which is useful for immune function support.

5) GREEN TEA:- Green tea isn’t the most popular drink, however, of the hot drinks available it is one of the best for your immune system. Research suggests that green tea can enhance the disease
fighting capacity of the immune system’s T cells. Try some Green tea instead of the coffee with dessert.

Enjoy your Christmas indulgence, and Happy Christmas!!

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