130 miles?! We laugh in the face of 130 miles

Posted: Tuesday, 27 August 2013

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Well we decided on this title for today’s blog whilst everything was going well. Covering 80 miles by 2pm. I then had 4 consecutive punctures which held us back at least 2 hours :-(.

The day was spent on busy roads going through places such as Warrington, Wigan (near Liverpool) and Preston but this meant they were pretty flat and so we could keep a good speed for hours at a time.

Then the puncture problems started.

We (Well, Phil) think the wheel rim tape wasn’t properly aligned in the shop and some edges of the metal rim were piercing the tyre.

I’m writing this at 6.30am as I was too tired last night and guess what- my tyre is flat again!!!!

Off to a bike shop today which will again set us back some time.

We’re cycling through Cumbria today into Scotland and have about 110 miles to do.

Wish us luck! Texts and emails of support are much appreciated.

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